Do you read books on Kindle (or on the Kindle app somewhere else) and make highlights? So where are those Kindle notes and highlights? For most people, they’re all over the place. The only time they see them is when they return to the appropriate pages of the Kindle books.

Kindle notes all in one place

Did you know there is one URL that houses all your Kindle highlights and notes? While logged into your Amazon account. go to

Kindle Export notes

You are now looking at all your highlights from all your Kindle books all in one place. Furthermore, you can click the link beside any highlight to go to that spot in the Kindle book. Pretty neat huh? But it gets better.

What if Amazon decided to do away with that URL? What if you lost access to your Amazon account? What if you simply wanted to increase the searchability of your notes? You can export your Kindle information to Evernote.

Exporting to Evernote

Start by going to and scrolling down to the book for which you wish to export the highlights. Click on the cover of the book.

Next, click the Evernote Web Clipper. Select “Article” as the type of clip. That process may be all you need. In Evernote, you’ll see the page displayed just as it did in the Amazon site. However, you do lose the ability to click a highlight and be taken to that point in the book.

Web Clipper ith Kindle notes

What if you want to edit the highlights after exporting to Evernote? You see that your export appears within a “container” in Evernote. Hover over the top of the container and a “magic wand” appears. When you hover over the wand, the tooltip says, “Simplify & Make Editable.” Click it.

Kindle notes magic wand

You can now edit any of the content. If the top portion of the note displays the title and images of other books, highlight and delete them.

Kindle highlights beforedelting other titles

As you scroll down, you’ll see the notes from your desired book. Change the note of the Evernote note to the name of the book and you’re done.

Notes as text

Information is only as valuable if this is true…

Information is only valuable if you can find what you need when you need it. If the information you carefully highlighted is hidden within the digital pages of digital books scattered across your Kindle library, it’s not much good.

Now, you have the notes from your entire library in one place. You also have all the search capabilities of Evernote at your disposal. This one is too easy not to do.