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Life doesn’t have to be as hard as it sometimes appears. Simple, teachable systems make a huge difference. I am a speaker, writer, and coach. I help professionals organize their time and surroundings so they can experience greater productivity and less stress.                                Frank Buck

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I was lucky. I hit the brick wall early.

Every productivity story has a beginning. Mine started in high school.


My senior year of high school was a busy time, and it was then I realized what had worked before wouldn’t be enough for the new demands. Jotting assignments on random pieces of paper stuck in textbooks was a disaster waiting to happen. Trying to just remember it all was an even worse plan.


I realized the answer would be a system…a single place that would handle everything for now and everything planned for the future.


Running into a problem caused me to search for a solution. If I hadn’t hit the brick wall then, who knows how long it would have been before I realized the need for a system.


Little did I realize the impact this one change would have on my career and the opportunities it would give me to help others.

And the dividends paid off for decades.

During a dozen years as a band director, the ability to organize was largely responsible for the success those bands experienced. During the next 16 years as an assistant principal, principal, and curriculum coordinator, the ability to plan, organize, and see a project through to the end gained attention. The question, “How do you do it?” was one I fielded regularly.


Now, my work centers around helping people get organized and make it look easy.

Sure, there have been honors along the way.

I was named to Who’s Who in American Education and Outstanding Young Men of America. A National Band Association Citation of Excellence hangs on the wall. As a principal, Alfa Insurance named me as its statewide “Teacher of the Month” as part of their awards program. As a central office administrator, he is a recipient of the “Chiquita Marbury Award for Technology Innovation.”


As a speaker, the University of Montevallo College of Education named me an “Outstanding Alumnus” work in professional development. My first book was an Eye on Education “bestseller.” A weekly newspaper column, two more books, and weekly content on my blog, podcast, and YouTube channel introduce and reinforce concepts about an easier approach to living.

But enough about me…

This story is about you. You want to accomplish significant goals and understand your ability to organize your time and surrounding is the key. How am I doing so far?

Let’s continue the story, your story…

Comments from Illinois Principals Association Online Academy

  • This was amazing! We obviously all were attracted to this webinar because we crave more efficiency and organization. Not only were fantastic ideas and strategies shared, but it was practical and moved at a great pace! I am walking away with so many ideas I cannot wait to try! The 3 hours just flew by!
  • Presenter was outstanding. I will certainly review my notes and work to implement the suggested efficiency and organizational methods.
  • Today’s presentation was fantastic. I actually felt less anxiety after the presentation while being away from the office for 3 hours this morning.
  • This Administrator Academy is tremendously useful for any administrator who desires to improve the balance of work and personal time and organize tasks to be completed in a more efficient manner. The suggested phone/computer apps are easy to use and available free or at little cost. This academy also will be instrumental in helping me to rid my desk of PAPER!!!
  • This may be one of the most beneficial presentations that I have ever heard. The online format including the polls and questions kept me engaged the entire time.
  • This was my first online academy and it was easy to stay engaged and not be concerned about taking a full day off. I am signing up for more ASAP! And now I’m heading back to school.
  • This was a great practical workshop that will help me be more organized and ultimately, a more effective and visible administrator.
  • Great direct tools which make time for administrators more effective and efficient.
  • Frank Buck’s webinar was engaging and provided digital tools that will make my life as a leader more effective and efficient.
  • The session offered helpful suggestions to keep balanced within a highly demanding setting that includes constant in-flow of information. I will benefit from the simple but elegant suggestions.
  • Dr. Buck does an exceptional job sharing concrete and simple ways to improve efficiency which doesn’t require reading a 300 page “How to Get Organized” book.