If you are attending the Alabama Educational Technology Conference, here are three sessions I will be conducting:

Get Organized With Your BlackBerry
(June 16, 8:00, East Hall Room N)
Have a BlackBerry, but just use it to make phone calls, get e-mail, and take a few pictures? You don’t want to miss this session. Learn how to maintain a complete calendar. Keep all of your “to-dos” at hand where you always know what’s next. Learn how easily you can search for any piece of information. We will also preview the new BlackBerry Playbook, Blackberry’s entry into the tablet arena.

Why Your PowerPoints are Awful and What to Do About It
(June 16, 10:00, East Hall Room N)
After this session, you will never create a PowerPoint the same way again. Out with all of the bullet points that slide in. Forget reading text from a slide while your auduence sits bored to tears. Lose the handouts that are nothing more than screen shots of the slides. In this session, you will learn how to design slides that are beautiful, memorable, and help you sell your point. You will also learn where to get great images for free and how to plan the entire presentation.

Free Digital Tools That Increase Productivity
(June 16, 3:30, East Hall Room O)
Technology really can make your life easier. You will learn to organize the entire Internet, and that’s just one of the topics we will cover using tools that are free for the taking.

Free door prize drawing at each session for your choice of Get Organization!: Time Management for School Leaders or Organization Made Easy!: Tools for Today’s Teachers.