A dear friend and regular reader of this blog left a comment on this post.

At first glance, I thought this was your list written on your pocket size notebook. I enlarged it up to see what you were planning to read.

Well, this was actually not my list of books to read, but I do have one. In my BlackBerry is a task literally entitled “Books to Read.” In its note section is my list. The task has a due date, which ensures that list will be in front of my face at a designated future time, so there is no possibility of the whole thing slipping through the cracks. The BlackBerry’s ability to search the task list means that if I am near the library and want to drop in, I know exactly what to look for.

Here is what is on that list right now:

  • PresentationZEN (Garr Reynolds)
  • Slide:ology: the Art and Science of creating great presentations
  • Flipping the Switch…: Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ!
  • 168 Hour
  • Music, My Love (Rampal)
  • Arts With the Brain in Mind (Jenson)
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul in the Classroom
  • Enough: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Abundance
  • Executive Coaching for Results (Underhill)
  • New Leaders 100 Day Action Plan
  • The Answer to How is Yes
  • Making Time to Think (Bing)
  • Everything I Need to Know Learned from a Children’s Book
  • Psycho Cybernetics
  • Tyranny of the Urgent
  • Sizzle Substance (Eric Jensen)
  • One Minute Entrepreneur
  • Thinking Course (DeBono)
  • Wisdom of Crowds
  • The Great Gatsby

Anybody read one of them lately and care to share your thoughts?