- Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Thanks to everyone that came to today’s session on “Your Own Blog in 10 Minutes or Less.” Hands-on workshops present their own unique challenges in that everyone comes with slightly different backgrounds and levels of expertise. Our group did a great job!

It was so good to see a every single computer occupied. It lets me know that this is a subject that is relevant to many people.

As I circulated, looked over your shoulder, gave individual help, and hung around afterwords to answer you were having about your creations, I was impressed with how much you absorbed and how creative you were.

We have all hear that the “one-shot” workshop does not work. If the blog you created today lives and grows and becomes something to which you add at least weekly, then this one-shot workshop will have worked.

Furthermore, through the power of Web 2.0, this workshop does not have to end here. If there is something that you wish you had asked or something that just didn’t “click,” you have not missed your chance. With one click, you can add a comment or ask a question.

You now have at you fingertips a tool to communicate with your family, your school, your community, or the whole world. It’s all up to you!