“Your Own Blog in 10 Minutes or Less” is both a blog and a workshop. The workshop in one that I have presented in various forms for several years and is designed to take people who have no background at all with blogging and allow them to leave with the knowledge and the motivation to establish a web presence through a blog.

Watching what others have done with their blogs is interesting. It seems those who produce incredible results are those with moderate amount of technical knowledge but a huge amount of creativity.

Your Own Blog in Minutes or Less is also a blog, and it is a blog about blogging. Blogging includes some basic concepts that can be used repeatedly. The vision for this blog was for to be a set of post, each of which would demonstrate a concept. I would take a sets of actual posts I had used in other blogs at other times and bring them together in this one place. A little explanation wold then follow of what each post was demonstrating.

I recently updated that blog with a new look and new “gadgets” down the side. While I originally thought I would compose a series of posts and the project would be complete. My thinking now is that there will be more posts to come on that blog. As new material is added there, it will also be highlighted here.