Yes, not only can your BlackBerry talk, it can speak a variety of languages. The speech capabilities of the BlackBerry provide the subject for today’s post.

iSpeech Translator

This app allows you to choose the language to translate “from” and “to.” You can type a phrase and see the translated text displayed. By tapping on the speaker icon, you will hear the translation read. By tapping on the microphone, you can speak your text. iSpeech will provide you the written translation, or you can tap the speaker and listen to the translation.

iSpeech Translator is available for the BlackBerry and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Go to BlackBery App World on either device to download this free app.

How many times do you find yourself driving along andyour smartphone starts vibrating? New e-mail is arriving! What do you do? Do you look down and read it while still trying to concentrate on the road? Or, do you resist the temptation until you arrive at your destination? eliminates the dilemma. Turn in on, and when new e-mail arrives, reads it aloud to you. Earlier, we reviewed Vlingo, which also has the capability to read your e-mail, plus much more. So, you may not find the need for this On the other hand, if you weren’t crazy about Vlingo, but like the read-aloud feature for e-mail, may be for you.

If you want, you should waste no time in going to BlackBerry App World on your handheld and downloading it. Search for “Compliments of BlackBerry.” comes in two versions. The free version reads the e-mails. The Pro version allows you to respond to e-mails by voice. RIM has make the Pro version free for a limited time (until the end of December from what I know).

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