The last two weeks have been busy ones, but a good ones. My thanks to the Illinois Principals Association for having me as one of the keynote speakers for the IPA Assistant Principal & Deans Conference. The subject was “Time Management in a Digital World.”

I always enjoy presenting at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference. The timing allowed me to present in Illinois and return to Alabama the following day to present five sessions:

  • Free Tech Tools That Increase Productivity
  • Social Media: All the Eggs in One Basket
  • The (Almost) Paperless Teacher
  • Get Organized in the Cloud
  • Why Your PowerPoints are Awful and What to do About It

As promised, I drew a name from those who had attended at least one of those sessions and had connected later either through Facebook, Twitter, commenting on this blog, or becoming a newsletter subscriber.  Congratulations to Pamela Harman, winner of a copy of Organization Made Easy!: Tools for Today’s Teachers.

The room filled up early for the first session of the day at AETC.

This week, I enjoyed presenting a half-day version of Get Organized! The 5 Keys to Organization & Time Management and half-day hands-on version of Get Organized in the Cloud through the University of Montevallo Regional Inservice Center. A special thanks goes to Dwight Jinright for ordering copies of Organization Made Easy!: Tools for Today’s Teachers  and providing each teacher with a complimentary copy.