Powerful presentation
What’s your all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial? For me, it is one that aired in 2013. It tugged at our heartstrings and turned out to be the most talked-about commercial of the day. The voice is unmistakable…Paul Harvey. The message is unforgettable. It’s also an example of a powerful presentation.

So God made a farmer…

The Huffington Post tells us Paul Harvey gave this speech at the 1978 National Future Farmers Association of America Convention.

On Nancy Duarte’s blog, Paula Tesch authors a post arguing this ad was really a “presentation in disguise.” The commercial includes no special effects. Instead, we hear a strong voice telling a great story. Great pictures support the story.

What makes a presentation powerful? Nancy Duarte tells us in one of my favorite TED Talks. She outlines what makes a presentation compelling. She goes on to use Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech as an example. Here is that TED Talk: