Get Organized

When I wrote the second edition of Get Organized!, I wanted to make it a work that professionals could read quickly, begin to implement immediately, and would stay within reach always. I was delighted to read the review Michael Janatovich wrote shortly after the book’s publication.

Mike JanatovichMike Janatovich is an Assistant Principal for Harmon Middle School in Aurora, Ohio. Prior to becoming a middle level administrator, Mike spent 10 years serving middle level students as a 7th and 8th grade science and social studies teacher. As a middle level advocate, Mike believes that educating the whole child is critical in ensuring academic success. Mike was a member of the ASCD 2015 Class of Emerging Leaders. You can follow him on Twitter: @mjanatovich.

In his review, Mike said that Get Organized! “…will instantly become your go-to manual as you look to increase your most valuable resource in education: time.”

The element that made Mike’s review so meaningful for me is that he put the book through its paces before he wrote the review. He implemented the tools and techniques the book teaches. In the review, you get to hear his first-hand impressions of the difference the book made for him.

Head on over to read the review.


Will this be the summer you Get Organized!?

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