My journey to the Instagram table has been slow. Having Facebook pages both personally and professionally, a LinkedIn page, a Twitter account, and both  personal and professional Google Plus pages, I figured that was enough. But others who use it seem to like it, so I decided it give it a try.

Like other platforms, Instagram allows you to take photos and provide a short commentary on each one. Others can comment and “Like” the photos. Because other platforms I was using did much the same thing, I was reluctant to add this additional member to my social media bag of tricks. After a few weeks of using Instagram, I have grown to like the simplicity and ease of use.

My impressions, after a few weeks of use, are positive. I share them here for those who might wish to add Instagram to their own social media presence.

  • Creating an account was easy. Whereas other social media platforms begin with an account on the computer and then download the mobile app, Instagram revolves around the app as the heart and soul. While viewing the Instagram account on the computer is possible, adding photos is done strictly from the mobile device.
  • Finding and following people and gaining followers came quickly. Instagram looks at Facebook friends and other contacts in the mobile device and presents a list of which ones are also Instagram users. Following any of them requires only one tap. Of course, as you start to follow other people, they will follow you back.
  • The number of taps needed is few and the order in which they happen feels right. Take the photo first.Write the description second. Post, and you’re done.
  • Instagram plays well with “If This Then That.” I composed a recipe on IFTTT which causes any photo posted to Instagram to also appear on my Facebook account. A second recipe posts that same Instagram photo to Twitter.
  • Even without using “If This Then That,” Instagram’s settings allow for linking to Facebook or Twitter. Posts to Instagram automatically appear on those platforms as well.
  • The appearance of the photos which post to Twitter is exactly what I want. My experience has been Twitter displays the link to a photo, and the reader must click the link for the photo to open. Anything I have posted to Instagram appears on Twitter with the photo already opened. The look is much more appealing.

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Whether the medium is a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Instagram, pictures make the content more appealing. In today’s world of abundant content, readers make a decision to read or not to read in as little as a split second. An interesting photo often spells the difference. Instagram forces users to think in terms of good photos first and foremost.

What do you like, or not like, about Instagram? Feel free to leave  a comment. If you would like to look at what I have posted on Instagram to this point, search for @drfrankbuck.

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