Why Are You Late

Buford’s Story

A frustrated Buford explained to the student sitting beside him why he was late to school…again.

“Well, I woke up late, and so I couldn’t find any clean socks, so I had to borrow a pair from my brother, and I had to get lunch money, but Mom didn’t have any, so I had to call Dad who had left for work to turn around and come home to give me lunch money.

I couldn’t find my homework, so by the time I found my homework and found where I put all of my books and then put everything in my book bag, I missed the bus.”

It’s pretty much the same story he gave the teacher yesterday when she asked, “Buford, why are you late again?”

Penelope’s Story

Penelope was sitting nearby and heard Buford as he talked about his troubles. She just shook her head. Penelope knew how easy it was to make the morning go smoothly. She had learned the magic of getting everything ready the night before.

Before going to bed, Penelope finished all of her homework. She had a couple of papers for her parents to sign. Penelope got her parents to sign those just after dinner. She put them in a designated spot in her three-ring binder. She put her completed homework in the binder as well.

Before bed, she put her binder and textbooks in the book bag. She knew she needed lunch money, so she asked her parents for it and put it in her coin purse. Penelope also decided what she wanted to wear the following morning and placed the items together.

The next morning, getting ready for school was easy. Getting to the bus stop on time was a breeze. The day was off to a good start…as usual.

What’s Your Story?

Whether the setting is an elementary school, the corporate office, or anywhere between, you and I know the ones we can count on to be late…consistently. Ask “why are you late?” and there’s always a story, always an excuse, and it’s always not their fault.

They got stopped by a train, the train that comes along about the same time every day. Traffic was heavy, and it’s heavy every day a that time. They couldn’t find [fill in the blank], because they have never established places to put those things.

How good do you feel when you are among the first to arrive at school (when you are 8) and among the first to arrive at the meeting (when you are 38)?

  • You feel relaxed.
  • You feel more confident.
  • You think clearer.
  • You are ready for new opportunities.
  • Luck just seems to come your way.

How good you can feel when people are not looking at you and asking, “Why are you late?”

Luck is what happens when preparation meet opportunity.
-Elmer G. Leteman

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