How many times have you listened to a song and just couldn’t think of the name of it? What if you could hold your smartphone up to the radio and have the title and album from which it came displayed on your device a few seconds later? That’s exactly what Shazam Encore does.

Shazam listens to song and identifies it

On your BlackBerry, go to BlackBerry App World and search for “Shazam Encore.” Normally, this app costs $5.99, but it is one of the apps being offered for free as a result of the BlackBerry outage back in October. The complimentary status runs, from what I understand, through December.

In addition to identifying the song, Shazam Encore will allow you to buy a track, read reviews, search for songs, and watch YoutTube results for your search.

Shazam is also available for the iPhone and Android.


Has anyone used this program extensively? What are your thoughts?