I look forward to the day when the answer would be “yes.” What if children were interested enough in writing that they chronicled the events of their lives? What if they chose to share their writing with the whole world? What if they developed a sense that if the world will be reading their work, their work needs to be quality stuff? What if children got interested in writing that is interesting?

Yes, young lad, instead raising your hand to ask, “How long does it have to be?” and scrawling down just enough to get by, please do e-mail me that link to your blog. Let me read the vivid details of the days as they are unfolding. Share with me the pictures you take on your vacation and fashion into an Animoto presentation. Explain to me why some of those pictures are significant, realizing that of all the things I could be doing, I am choosing to read your work. So, don’t disappoint me.

And young lad, I dare you to write so well and make your story so interesting that I add you to my RSS feed and continue to read your work, because you have the creative spirit for which this world longs. Yes, please e-mail me that link…

Thanks to Jennifer Malone, Principal of Eaton Elementary in Lenoir City, Tennessee for bringing this cartoon to my attention.