I have previously written about two blogs that I created for our school system. Little by little, we are seeing the benefits of this form of communication. This past Wednesday provided an excellent example of how a blog can be the quickest and most effective way to communicate a detailed message to a large body of people.

Early into the school day, weather reports were indicating severe weather for the early afternoon, and the decision was made that we would dismiss school at mid-day. Surrounding schools systems were doing the same. As usual, we called radio and TV stations. At best, however, we could only count of them to announce an abbreviated message. Because of our bus routes, our elementary schools, junior high, and high school would dismiss at three different times. Asking the media to announce three different dismissal times was asking too much. As you can imagine, phones were ringing off the hook at each school and the central office asking if we were going to dismiss and at what time.

Within two minutes of word getting to me that we were closing, the complete announce was on our school system blog. Any parent who thought to check our blog got the information, got it completely and accurately, and got it before any radio or TV station had the information.

What good is blog? We just found one more answer.