Like so many people this time of year, I am always interested in my options for watching college football. Television schedules are not set far in advance. Even game times are listed as “TBA” as close as two weeks before a game.

I found a site that gives me the information I need in a very concise form:

As you see, the site lists games only for the future, so that as the season progresses, I am not scrolling through past events. The game time (listed in Central Time) and television network are listed. Games for the future along with time and television commitments as known are listed.

In Outlook, I created a task that reads “Plan football games to watch” followed by the URL. In Outlook, this URL is a clickable link. I set the task to repeat every Friday. So, every Friday, that task appears, I click the link, and I now see a complete list of every televised game.

By the way, credit must go to LSU for maintaining this site. Ironically, that’s the next game for my home team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.