color scheme

A nice “aha” moment for me came during a telephone conversation with Constant Contact as I was setting up my first newsletter. Their suggestion was to use the same color scheme in my newsletter than I was using on my website. The very helpful tech support person then started to tell me the exact code for each color on my website.

The question on my mind became, “How did she do that?” With just a bit of research on the Internet, I was able to find an answer. My search led me to a free tool called “ColorPix.”

When you run ColorPix, a small square appears on your screen. The pixel that happens to be at your mouse tip is projected into the center of ColorPix. On the side, you see the code for the color to which you are pointing.

color scheme

You will see the code displayed in RGB (red, green, blue) format. The amount of each of those three colors is represented on a scale of 1-256. When you go to most any program which lets you choose such things as font colors, you will see an option which allows you to select “more colors.” You will then have the option to insert the color code.

ColorPix has been an incredibly handy tool when I am choosing a color scheme and need to have two items match exactly in color. There is absolutely no guesswork. Use ColorPix to pick up the color from one image. Fill a shape or background or choose the color of a font and let the RGB code supplied by ColorPix give you a perfect match.