QR CodeI remember when funny little black and white rectangles started appearing on products in the grocery store. Today, we are all accustomed to those bar codes. We know that the pattern of black lines contains information and that a special scanner is needed to read that information.

Now, we are beginning to see a different pattern. This one is square, with the area being filled with a small squares of black and white.Welcome to QR codes. “QR” stands for “Quick Response.”

What does a QR code do?
When you scan a QR code with a special reader, the most common result is that it takes you directly to a website. That website may then give additional information or show you a video. However, the QR code can be used to make a phone call or create an pre-formatted email.

The thing that is making QR codes grow in popularity is the ability to download a reader to your smartphone. Then, when you see a QR code in a magazine you are reading, on a flyer taped to a store window, or on a piece of promotional material, you can scan the code and see the additional information.

In the next three posts, you will learn how to do each of the following:

  1. Download a QR code reader to your smartphone.
  2. Create your own QR codes.
  3. Implement QR codes in a practical way.
What are your thought so far on the topic of QR codes?