Thanks to the West Virginia Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals for their invitation to present at the annual conference. This trip was my first ever to West Virginia. I was amazed at the venue and delighted with the warmth and hospitality of the school leaders in West Virginia.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Celebrating the Leader in You.” Every good thing that school leaders do for  students happens through the dimension of time. When we control our time and have organized our surroundings, we are capable of astounding things.

Not surprisingly, the Tickler File was an instant favorite. Deceptively simply, it is the thing which has kept my desk clean for over 30 years. Many people have expressed their thoughts to me about the long-term value of this one tool. I had to smile when I saw this Tweet a few days following this conference:

Tickler File User

The setting for the conference was The Greenbrier, a national historic landmark hosting distinguished guests since 1778. We could not have asked for a more inviting environment for this conference.

My first visit to West Virginia was an enjoyable one. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet new friends and share ideas designed to help good people do great things for kids.