During my live workshops, I provide an eBook to participants as their “handout.” This work, created in PowerPointe and saved as a PDF is rich with links, illustrations, and a review of the workshop’s content so that implementation following the workshop is easy.

Those who have an iPad may want to save that handout to the “bookshelf” known as “iBooks.” Here is how to do it.

  1. First, be sure you have the iBooks app on your device. If not, you can download it from iTunes for free.
  2. With the PDF open on your device, tap on the screen to display the “Open In” tab, and select “iBooks.”
  3. The file will open in iBooks and will be saved on the bookshelf.
  4. On your bookshelf, a tab at the top and center allows you to view PDFs, books, or purchased books.
  5. With iBook syncing enabled, every PDF saved on one device will be available on the bookshelf of all of your devices.

The process is simple, but like so much with technology, it’s only simple after you know it’s there. I hope this simple technique makes organizes your reading material a little easier.