What if you could send a voice message in your email?

We’ve all been there – typing out long emails, trying to convey the right tone and emotion, only to have our messages misinterpreted. But what if there was a way to speak directly to your recipients, ensuring that your message is received just as you intended?

The video demonstrates a service called “Vocal.” Here’s how it works:

Let’s say it’s a friend’s birthday and I want to send an email in which I am singing “Happy Birthday.” Because I have installed the Vocal extension, I see a microphone icon at the bottom of the email.

Clicking the microphone icon produces a countdown of 3, 2, 1, and then I can speak or sing my message.

When I’m finished recording, I click the button to stop and the button to upload. The recording appears in the body of the message. After adding anything else I wish to the body of the email, I click “Send.”

The recipient opens the message and clicks on the recording. It opens, and the other person hears the message.

Sometimes, emotion gets lost…especially in email messages. Misunderstandings happen. What if the other person could hear the sound of your voice? Now they can.

How do you get Vocal?

Go to Vocal.email and create a free account. Choose whether to log in with your Google account or Microsoft account, since you can use Vocal with Gmail or Outlook.

If you use Gmail, go to the Chrome Store to search for and install the “Vocal” extension. That extension gives me the little microphone icon at the bottom of each email. For Outlook, get the app from the Microsoft Store.

That’s all there is to it. One disclaimer. The owner of Vocal contacted me to introduce me to the service. He offered me a pro account and ten pro accounts to give to other people. In this week’s email to my list, I’ll be offering an account to 10 subscribers.

I’ve been a fan of voice-to-text technology since the days of Jott somewhere around 2005. Maybe you are too.

And there you have it – Vocal, the game-changing product that brings a human touch back to email communication. Whether you’re in the corporate world or just want to connect more deeply with friends and family, Vocal has you covered. Try it out and experience the power of voice in your emails.

What are other examples of when you would want to communicate through the spoken word instead of the written word? Comment below or in the YouTube video.

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