The most notable and publicized feature of the iPhone 4S has been “Siri.” Vlingo is its parallel for the BlackBerry and other devices.

This video provides a great demonstration of Vlingo:

Here is a video explaining the “in car” capabilities of Vlingo. The demonstration is on an Android, so i am not sure about all of the capabilities you see here for other platforms.

Here you see a person using Vlingo while driving:

Finally, this cartoon video expands on the capabilities shown in the other videos. It’s hard whether all of this capability is present now, or whether some is plans for future releases.

A free version of Vlingo is available. You can find it by selecting the BlackBerry App World icon on your handheld and searching for Vlingo. Versions are also available for Android, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Mobile.

Another reason for exploring BlackBerry apps during this month is the current offer from RIM, the makers of BlackBerry. BlackBerry e-mail services were down for several days during October. For this reason, RIM is offering to its customers approximately a dozen apps paid apps for free. The apps are being released one at a time during November and will remain free through December. The full-fledged version of Vlingo is one of those apps. On my Facebook page, I am posting about the apps as each is released. Come on over and “Like” that Facebook page to stay up on the latest about the free apps.

Is anyone already using Vlingo? Are you using something similar? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.