When someone is introduced to Google Docs, the first and most basic concept is that when you create something with Google Docs, you can access it from any device which has Internet access. A second major concept is that you have the ability to share your creation with someone else. You may grant rights to view a document or rights to edit that document. This concept eliminates the need to e-mail documents back and forth and wonder which one is the most recent.

The video I have embedded here reminds us we can take this concept a step further. Multiple people can view the same document at the same time. Multiple people can make changes to that document at the same time. Imagine a group of people sitting around a table, or even sitting in the middle of the floor, all working on a project together. Google Docs offers that capability, even though the people may be in different parts of the world.

Many who watch this video know the capabilities shown here exist. Yet, in our day-to-day world, we often forget about an easier way to do things are resort to what has been familiar. We do what we have always done. So, the challenge is to start doing smarter things!

Having just watched this video, take a moment to think of a project you have going on right now where you could use what you saw here to make that project easier. Actually using the concept, even once, will make you much more likely to think of real-time collaboration with Google Docs the next time a similar task presents iteslf.

How do you collaborate on projects? Anyone already doing what you saw here? Anyone accomplishing this through concept through Dropbox? Other thoughts?