In February 2012, I composed this post about a program called “Contacts Sync.” The free program syncs your Outlook Contacts with Google Contacts. The reason I downloaded it was the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update had just been released, with that update featuring a native Contacts application. The application pulls together all contacts along with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn contacts.

Time Management

The native Contacts on the PlayBook combines all of my Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin data with my Outlook Contacts. Each person has one record which displays all of the information I have on them from each of those four sources. 

I have experienced no problems with Contacts Sync; however I received the following email the other day:


Thanks for downloading Contacts Sync. If you had difficulty in using our software, then please download this new version and try. 

 Direct Link to Download Contacts Sync New version – v2.8 (Freeware) 

What’s New: 

  • Tray icon animation during sync operation 
  • Click on tray icon anytime to get sync status 
  • Minimize/Maximize and Exit anytime during sync 
  • Proxy support – option to use default system proxy or enter your own 
  • Bug Fix: Outlook RPC error, Rel/Label error during sync 

Always open Log file to check for any errors. 

Direct Link to Download Contacts Sync New version – v2.8 (Freeware) 

If you are unable to make it work, we are available by email and online chat to assist you. Reply to this email with your query or chat with us online by clicking on “Live Help” button on Contacts Sync website.

Online Support / FAQ 
Visit Contacts Sync website and click “Support and FAQ” link and get answers/solutions to common errors, including a solution to securely overcome Outlook Security Warning (if you get one).

If you use Contacts Sync to synchronize your Outlook Contacts with Google Contacts, you may want to try the download.