When it comes to getting a great deal of benefit for a very small amount of work, blogs are towards the top of my list. I know of no easier way to communicate complete information in a variety of forms (written word, pictures, videos, clickable links) and have it instantly retrievable by any reader months or years later.

I am enjoying reading two new blogs, both established by Kerry Palmer, Principal of Trinity Presbyterian Middle School (Montgomery, Alabama).

http://www.tpsmiddle.blogspot.com is a blog he has established to communicate with parents. The positive tone and informative ideas are sure to keep parents coming back.

is a blog Mr. Palmer has established for his faculty. The style here seems to be one of taking everything his faculty needs to know for the coming week and grouping it in one post. Announcements, calendar events,…it’s all right there in one spot.

One of the neat things about a blog is that you never know who is reading yours. Sure, you know the benefit your intended audience is going to get. But, what about those whom you have never met who somehow found your blog and use your ideas in their setting.

Kerry Palmer is a first-year principal after having been a highly-successful band director and assistant principal. I have no doubt that he is going to be outstanding principal. I can certainly see other first-year principals following these blogs and benefiting from the ideas they read. I can also see more experienced principals who want to learn a few new tricks visiting these two blogs.

Good luck to all as we begin another school year. Our tasks will be many, and so will our opportunities. School leadership is a journey, a brave journey, an unending journey.