After hearing about Twitter and how many people love it, I figured I probably needed to at least give it a try. The account was free and surprisingly easy to set up. If you are on Twitter and should be so inclined to want to “follow” me, I am located at

There is an excellent flash demo which walks you through all of the capabilities. I viewed it very briefly and have it on my list to spend some time with several weeks from now. You can access that demo by clicking here.

One question came to mind quickly. If the whole idea is to tell people what you are doing at any given moment, shouldn’t there be a way to do that easily from anywhere–such as from my BlackBerry? I found a site that walked me through how to do exactly that. Basically, I have added a contact to my BlackBerry. When I want to “tweet,” I e-mail that contact. That set of instructions is here.

How much I will use Twitter remains to be seen. In many ways, the “what are you doing now” concept parallels Facebook. While I have quite a few friends with Facebook accounts, I cannot say the same for Twitter. Maybe that will change. Maybe it won’t. Stay tuned!