I have run across a couple of problems since I started using the BlackBerry in August, and both have been fixed by the “soft reset.”

One problem I was seeing was an error message that would prevent me from accessing the task list. I have not seen that problem since the first week I was using the device.

The other is a problem that not only has happened to me, but also to one of my co-workers. The BlackBerry was not making the correct sounds that the Profile was saying they should make. Instead of the phone using the ringer or sound we had selected, it either would not ring (but would only vibrate) or would use the default ring tone. Any alerts that had been attached to appointments or tasks would only vibrate even though the profile specified they would ring.

If you are seeing anything like this, the soft reset is a good first step. Simply hold down the ALT key, the CAP key, and press the DEL key. Another way to accomplish the same thing is to take the battery out and put it back in again. In either case, you do not lose any data. You will find it may take the BlackBerry several minutes to restart, so just be patient.