A post appeared on Leadertalk from a new administrator asking for advice about blogs. That post is here. I responded with my own comments and invited readers to come here for links to examples.

I invite you to view these:

  • TeachTalladega.blogspot.com This is our central office blog for communicating with employees. On both of these last two blogs, selected people from each school have the capability to contribute to the blogs.

The post on LeaderTalk was composed by a new administrator, so I think it would be helpful to see the work of someone else who is brand new to the principalship:

  • RLYoung.blogspot.com This blog is for the parents at Raymond L. Young Eementary School (Talladega, AL) For someone who stepped into the principalship in January 2008, this blog has been a true treasure in terms of transmit information and warmth to the community.
  • 4youngteachers.edublogs.org Although the title is “Just for R. L. Young Teachers,” I don’t think they would mind interested visitors. Pattie Thomas, principal at Raymond L. Young, put a great deal of thought into how she would communicate with her faculty, and this is the results that is being rolled out for the start of this school year.