Robert Barlow interviews me as a part of “The Leaders Asset” Summit. We give you 10 time management tactics you can start implementing today.

In the video and podcast, you’ll experience a replay of my segment of the “Leader’s Asset.” During the discussion, listen for these 10 time management tactics

  1. Trap things in your system as soon as they occur to you.
  2. Master voice input.
  3. Learn to recognize repeating tasks.
  4. Do the thinking on the front end.
  5. Work ahead of deadlines.
  6. Plan tomorrow today.
  7. Identify tomorrow’s “Fab 5.”
  8. Word tasks so they’re easy to do.
  9. Adopt a digital task list. Keep digital things digital.
  10. Get email empty every day.

While you may have heard many of these tactics before, our discussion and the way they relate to each other is where you find the secret sauce.

You and I don’t have one more day to waste on things that don’t matter and things that take far more time than they should. For the leader, time is a friend.

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