If you are looking for quality professional development you can use every single day, look no further. Every good thing we do for our students, our faculty, our family, our community, or our self happens through the dimension of time. Our 21-century technology, rather than being a time saver, often adds to the problem of overwhelm.

What if you could leverage available (and free) technology to make every day more productive and less stressful?

On February 18th, I will be offering “Time Management for the 21st Century School Leader.” the aim of this three-hour webinar is to change the way you work every single day.

  • Get your email empty every day.
  • Learn how to get your email and your task list to work hand-in hand.
  • Leverage voice input to get your “to-dos” from your head to your task list instantly.
  • Master the art of documentation. We cover both a digital and paper approach.
  • Handle multiple projects like a pro.
  • Put repeating tasks on “autopilot.” You will never have to re-think them again.
  • Organize everything you have to do into one, searchable list complete with all related information.

As an added bonus, take a good look at the paper on your desk. It’s about to be gone…for good.

This webinar is being sponsored by the Illinois Principals Association and is open to all NAESP and NASSP members.

Click here to register for “Time Management for the 21st Century School Leader.”