Paper versus Digital

What are you doing Wednesday night? May 18th, I will be guest hosting ProdChat, a weekly Twitter chat about productivity. Our topic will be “the paper versus Digital Showdown.” The chat lasts 1 hour. We will start at 8:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM CDT.

What is a “Twitter Chat”?

A Twitter chat is a conversation between a group of people who meet at a particular day and time to discuss a particular topic. What makes a Twitter chat unique is that the people are not in the same location. They chat from  all over the country or even all over the world. The communication is written rather than verbal, and it happens over Twitter.

With all the chatter happening on Twitter, how does one pick out the comments which are part of the conversation? The answer is the hashtag. The organizer of the chat selects a hashtag and lets others know what the hashtag is. Participants include the hashtag in each of their comments. Searching for the hashtag on Twitter displays all the comments on that Twitter chat.

What is “#ProdChat”?

#ProdChat is a weekly discussion about some aspect of productivity. This week, we will be discussing repeating tasks. Anyone is free to join the discussion. If you don’t feel comfortable commenting, you can just lurk.

Would you like to see the discussion from this past Wednesday? Go to Twitter and enter #ProdChat in the search window. You will see every tweet which contains that hashtag in chronological order.

How Do I Join In on #ProdChat?

The only requirement is you must have a Twitter account. I find the easiest way to take part in a Twitter chat is to go to a site called All you do is enter the hashtag for the Twitter chat and click “go.” You will then see a screen that authorizes TweetChat to use your Twitter account. Don’t worry. It’s safe.


In TweetChat, you will see a box at the top where you enter your comments. Here’s the great thing: You don’t even have to put the hashtag. TweetChat enters the hashtag for you, even though you don’t see it. This way, everyone else in the chat sees your comments.

Paper versus digital


The Topic is “The Paper versus Digital Showdown”

Which is best? Which do you prefer? We are looking for a lively discussion that leaves us all more productive. During the hour, we will discuss these 6 questions:

Paper versus digitalPaper versus digital


We take the questions one at a time. You can be thinking about how you would answer. A Twitter chat exposes you to the viewpoints of people from different geographic regions. Our ideas and approaches often differ because of our experiences.

Can You Review Exactly What I Need to Do?

  1. On Wednesday (May 18) at 8:00PM EDT/7:00PM CDT, go to
  2. When asked for the hashtag, enter #ProdChat and press “Go.”
  3. Allow TweetChat to access your Twitter account.
  4. Have fun discussing the best ways to be productive!

I hope you will join us!