For the past decade, I have had the privilege of sharing with teachers and administrators the organizational and time-management practices which have worked for me and for others I have coached. This book, Get Organized! Time Management for School Leaders presents these ideas in a easy-to-read nuts & bolts format.

The book is available for purchase through Eye on Education. A description of the book and samples is here. I hope that the ideas I have shared with others in state will now make a difference on a larger scale.

This book is for school leaders. A “school leader” can be found holding a number of positions. Superintendents, principals, assistant principals, and central office administrators are likely candidates. However, a school leader is also a department head who is balancing the roles of teaching with those of shaping the direction of a curricular area. A school leader is also a classroom teacher who assumes responsibility for sponsoring a club or activity that benefits the student body. Likewise, the person who is developing ideas and sharing them with colleagues wears the mantle of leadership.

In short, a “school leader” is someone who steps forward to help shape the direction of what happens in schools, regardless of the title on the job description. Once that first step is taken, the opportunities multiply. As the opportunities multiply, the tasks increase in number and complexity. Without intervention, the complexity can become overwhelming. The school leader needs the tools to make the complex simple, and this book is designed to help.

Thanks to Bob Sickles, President of Eye of Education, and to his staff. They have been wonderful in guiding me through some uncharted waters.

Happy reading!