Teacher Appreciation

Every profession has members who are outstanding and others who are less than adequate. Teaching is no different. We often lump the best and the worst into generalizations that do not accurately depict either extreme. “Teacher Appreciation Week” focuses on the profession which makes all other professions possible.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-12. It offers a time for us to recognize the teaching profession as a whole. It also offers each of us the opportunity, on a personal level, to single out that individual who made a lasting impression on us.

How will you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

You have read this post, watched the video, and I would imagine are thinking about a particular teacher who made a lasting impression on you. Does this teacher have any idea of the impact he or she made in your life? Why not let people know about it?

Teaching is the profession that made your profession possible.

With social media being what it is today, reaching out to someone else has never been easier. With this week being “Teacher Appreciation Week,” there is no better time than now.