We all have those sentences or entire paragraphs that we use over and over and over again. Instead of rekeying or copying and pasting from one place to another, wouldn’t be good to click just a couple of keys and have it do the work for you. That’s what a text expander does.

Text Blaze works in Chrome. Use it in Gmail, Google Drive, or anywhere you are composing in Chrome. Even the free version is pretty powerful. The video shows you how it works.

Each snippets starts with a forward slash followed by a couple of keystrokes of your choice. Creation of a snippet is easy:

  1. Click the plus sign.
  2. Create a title for the snippet.
  3. Create the snippet. Start with a forward slash and decide the keystroke(s) to add.
  4. Key or paste into the large block the text you want Text Blaze to insert.

Text Blaze allows hyperlinks. It also allows a variety of styles of date/time stamps. This video provides an overview of what Text Blaze will do:

How do you get Text Blaze?

To get started, use this link to create your account: http://bit.ly/frankbucktextblaze    (Disclaimer: I will get a small commission when someone who uses my links upgrades, but that’s not why I am recommending it. I use it myself.)

Text Blaze

You automatically have access to all pro features for the next month. You are not asked for a credit card. After you try it for a month, you can decide if you want to upgrade or simply go with the free plan.

My favorite snippets

Some of my favorite snippets in Text Blaze are as follows:

  1. Insert date & stamp stamp
  2. Insert contact information about me
  3. Insert the HTML code that makes the video I embedded in this post appear correctly for mobile viewers.
  4. Insert link to my zoom room.
  5. Insert instructions on how to book a time with me on Calendly.
  6. Insert a set of social media hashtags I use often.
  7. Insert answer to various frequently asked questions.

Create your own Text Blaze account and start saving time.

Note: I am an affiliate for Text Blaze. I may get a very small commission if you sign up with my link. It is a product I use on a daily basis.