When it comes to organization and time management, our to-dos are always the problem. We understand calendars and manage to show up at the right place at the right time…or at least most of us do.

But when it comes to managing our tasks, that’s where it gets tough. That’s what the Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit is all about. You can register for free at that link.

What can you expect at this week’s Task Management and Time Blocking Virtual Summit? 

 1. Leaving with a Plan for Task Management 

The best way to face the next year or two of continuous disruptions will be to have a plan of steady changes to your task management setup. Don’t be left wondering how you should manage more tasks and struggling to keep up. Instead, use the summit as a place to plan your next set of improvements. 

2. Seeing New Technologies for Task Management

Creators will demonstrate new apps. There’s even one being developed by high school students! Check out the schedule here.

You will hear from productivity experts as they talk about how they use their task management tools to be productive. You’ll hear a great deal about the concept of time blocking.

3. Plugging the Cracks in Your System for Task Management 

Do you have places where tasks seem to leak and get lost? You may be wondering what to do. Your system is only as good as the way it functions when your days are the worst…those hectic days where you haven’t a moment to think. That’s where a good system steps in. It allows your “former self,” the one who sat down and took time to plan, to take over.

Here’s How the Schedule Works

Sessions are pre-recorded. On Thursday, all the Thursday sessions become available at one time. Watch them in order at your leisure.

On Friday, another batch of sessions releases. The Thursday sessions, however, remain up for 36 hours. The same pattern holds true for the Saturday sessions.

The Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit also includes discussions and Q&A with presenters. You will see those on the schedule.

My Sessions

My session is entitled “How to Use Remember The Milk to Keep All the Balls in the Air.” We understand the message of “focus on the important things,” but we also realize little things ignored derail our big plans for tomorrow. I will show you how to structure Remember The Milk to trap it all, do the thinking on the front end, and let you see what you need to see when you need to see it. Life doesn’t have to be as hard as we sometimes make it.

This session goes live on Thursday. The following day at 10:00 CST/11:00 EST I will be part of a discussion along with Jamie Steele. Augusto Pinaud will moderate. We’ll also take questions, so join us for that session.

The summit includes a free digital swag bag along with offers from presenters. For example, I am offering $100 off any workshop or coaching package for summit attendees. That offer stays good through the end of April 2021.

So, the next steps are:

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Last year, I was part of a similar summit. Here is the video from that event.