Talk of Alabama

This month, we are looking at systems of note taking. Today, however, we are taking a break from that theme to follow-up on today’s “Talk of Alabama” on ABC 33/40.

Update: The segment is no longer available on the ABC 33/40 website. I am leaving the post in place so you can download the labels and enjoy the other information in the post.

If you liked the idea of the tickler file and want to implement it, I have a couple of bonuses for you. First, instead of creating labels for the tickler file, you are going to be able to download a set.

Click here to download the tickler file labels

Remember, I like to use hanging files. What you will get on this download is one sheet containing all of the labels. Just put a blank piece of paper in the printer. Cut the labels apart with scissors and slip them into the tabs. Here is an example using the set you are able to download:

Tickler File

You learned that Chapter 1 of my book Get Organized! talks about the tickler file. The second gift for you is a “sneak peek” at the book, and that preview includes the majority of that chapter. When you sign up for my mailing list, you will receive a link in the first newsletter to download it for free.

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Get Organized! in 2016

If your New Years resolution was to “Get Organized!”, the promise you made to yourself on New Year’s Day doesn’t have to be ancient history by Ground Hog Day.

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