I have been using SwiftKey3 as my Android keyboard of choice for over a year. While I find typing with two thumbs on a piece of glass to be less accurate than the physical keyboard on my BlackBerry of days gone by, SwiftKey goes a long way towards making that weakness irrelevant.

The major advantages SwiftKey offers are as follows:

  1. Word prediction—As you type, SwiftKey presents several predictions as to the word you may want. Touching the desired word not only inserts it, but also inserts a space between words, eliminating the need to touch the space bar.
  2. Predictions based on past behavior—When I type “Fr,” SwiftKey presents “Frank” as one of the predictions, simply because my name is one of the most frequent words beginning with “Fr” that I use in communication.
  3. Next-word prediction—When I complete one word, SwiftKey offers predictions for what the next word will be based on my past behavior. When I enter “Frank,” the predictions for the next word include “Buck.” You may find yourself able to compose entire sentences simply by selecting the next word predictions SwiftKey offers.

I have experienced one inconvenience. Every time I boot my phone, I would have to select “SwiftKey” as my keyboard. With every re-boot, the device would revert back to the standard Android keyboard. SwiftKey offers this explanation , an explanation which showed this daily ritual was beyond their control.

The solution they are offering is to download SwiftKey Cloud Beta. I clicked that link from my phone, downloaded the keyboard, and installed it with no problem. If you are an Android user and are reading this post from your desktop computer, you will want to go to your phone and/or tablet to access this post from that mobile device. That way, you will be able to click the link taking you to the site for downloading SwiftKey Cloud Beta. The downside is that the beta is only good for 1 month. After that, the best option is the paid app, and that is where you experience the problem with needed to re-select your keyboard each time the phone boots.

SwiftKey is a significant improvement from the standard Android keyboard. If you are not already using it, I highly recommend downloading it today.