In the post from this past Sunday, I asked for help with a survey. Take a moment to click that link and review the questions.

Here are the results. On a scale of 1 to 10, the average response for each question was as follows:

For a breakdown of each question, you can view this summary, automatically compiled by Google. You can also view the entire data set.

I composed the original post as part of an assignment for an online course I am taking. In addition, however, this is also an opportunity to show how all of this was done. Google Docs, which is where I created the spreadsheet to house the data set, has a function called “forms.” You saw the form if you clicked the link at the beginning of this post.

How does the information get from the online form to the spreadsheet? It happens automatically. That’s the huge timesaver! Never again do we have to distribute paper forms and spend time transferring information from those forms onto a spreadsheet or table. Google can do it for us! This video show how:

Want more detailed information? The following video is about nine minutes in length and provides a detailed demonstration:

This forms function is surprisingly easy and surprisingly powerful.

How could you use this tool in your personal or professional life?