I am always in favor of automating mindless tasks. Today’s post looks at one such tool, one which will be perfect for teachers from pre-kindergarten through around second grade.

Time Management

If you are a teacher, think about how many times you write and re-write student names. You label the desks. You label cubby holes. You make name tags for field trips. The list goes on and on.

Yes, if a teacher is good at navigating the school’s student information system, she could export the names to a spreadsheet and mail merge them to a Word document created for that particular purpose. Most teachers do not have that facility. In addition, creating the Word documents is time-consuming.

I found a spreadsheet simply called Classroom Management Tool which automates just the kinds of tasks I mentioned. It is a free download. What you find is an Excel spreadsheet where you list student names and other desired information one time. You also enter once your own name, school, and school phone. Tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet present you with printer-ready tags for various purposes.

Imagine being able to to hit “print” and produce names tags for the entire class displaying each student’s first name in large letters, with the teacher’s name, and the school’s phone number. This tool will do that.

One of my favorite tabs is intended for the kindergarten teacher working with students on printing their names. Click on a name, and then click the “Print Name Writing” square. Or, click the “Print All Name Writing” button. The result is a page for each student displaying his or her name eight times in light gray print. The students are able to practicing tracing over the letters of their names.

Time is too precious to spend it on mindless repetitive tasks. Let this tool help put you back in charge of your time.