If you want nut and bolts tools to make your life easier, spend anywhere from an hour to the whole day with me on June 10 at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference.

Here are the workshops I will be presenting:

Get Organized With Outlook    9:15
Whether you organize with a BlackBerry, Palm, or other smartphone, the common denominator is the ability to synchronize with Outlook. Learn strategies for using Outlook to access, store, and retrieve information easily. The aim is increased productivity in a complex world.

Get Organized With Your BlackBerry     10:30
The BlackBerry is a common tool, yet methodology for how to manage your life with it is sparse. This session provides the nuts and bolts strategies that will allow the handheld to hold a very complete calendar, prioritized to-do list, contacts, and a wealth of reference material.

Data That Matters     12:30
Are you drowning in data yet searching for meaning? Learn how to put all of your “data that matters” on a single spreadsheet, set goals, and tell at a glance whether you are on the right track. Participants will be able to download the “Data That Matters” tracking tool free.You can get away from having your data strewn through various folders and various filing cabinets. Get away from those piles of paper and gain clarity about your data that matters.

The End of Paper Forms     1:45
There is no reason to ever distribute a paper form again. Learn to use the “forms” function of Google Docs to collect and assemble your data effortless and with no paper. Whether you are giving a survey, composing a directory, and giving a test, the forms feature in GoogleDocs is huge time-saver. This one is almost too good to be true. Oh, did I mention it’s free?

All sessions are in North Hall Room A.