We have all run into the problem of sending large files to someone but either our email system or their email system rejects the file because of its size. Other times, we have pictures to send, but can only send a few at a time because of the restrictions on attachment sizes.

For several years, I have used a service called “We Transfer” to solve the problem. Like many Internet-based services, We Transfer is a “freemium.” Some of what they offer is free. You have the option to acquire additional service for a price. I have never paid a dime, and get just what I need.

The best way to illustrate the service is for you to give it a try. Open a new window on your browser. Go to You will see an advertisement for WeTransfer Plus, the premium service. Look for a link that says “Skip” and click it instead. You will see a “terms of service” box to check. Once you have accepted the terms, you have cleared the last hurdle.

You will see a rectangular box telling you that you can send up to 2GB of data. Just under that notice is a button to “Add files.” Clicking it allows you to browse for a file to transfer. You can continue to click the button to add more files.

You will see a button to click allowing you to add the email address of the person to whom you want to send the files. You will be prompted to add more people if you desire. You will also be prompted to add your email address. You even have a spot where you can include a message. Finally, click the “Transfer” button. That’s all there is to it.

Depending on the size of the files, uploading may take some time, so be patient. Of course, you can still do other things on the computer during this process.

The other party will receive an email. The email includes a link for them to click and download the files. After the other party does so, you receive an email letting you know the files were downloaded.

Notice that nowhere in these instructions did I say anything about creating an account. You don’t. That’s one less username and password combination to remember.

Certainly, other options for sharing large files exist. I don’t know of any that beat We Transfer for simplicity.