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Note: Tools change over the years. I no longer use Toodledo or igHome. I have found better tools that do the same thing. Likewise, while I use voice input, the tool I use now is different. The best way to keep up with what I am using is to become an email subscriber.

Time ManagementToodledo 
Toodledo is a powerful web-based to-do list. It works with PC or Mac. Apps are available allowing you to sync any of your mobile devices to Toodledo. I recently composed a 6-part series on Toodledo. You can read Part 1 here.

Time ManagementigHome is a personalized homepage. It is the perfect tool for those who use iGoogle and are looking for a replace when iGoogle ceases to exist on November 1. On February 11, my post will explain igHome. By that time, you may already have your igHome page established.

Put anything in Dropbox and retrieve it on any of your computers, mobile devices, or any computer in the world with Internet access. I composed an e-book to guide you through a strategy for using Dropbox.Click on the cover to download.

time management
Click on the cover to download the free Dropbox E-Book

Time ManagementEvernote is a great place to store and organize commonly-accessed information. The information is then available on any of your computers, mobile devices, or any computer in the world with Internet access. On February 4, my post will talk about the notebooks I suggest you create when you get started with Evernote.

Voice Input
This area is becoming a major player in the world of smartphones. Everyone has seen the commercials advertising Siri. In the audio segment, we examine using voice input to get “to-dos” into your system, specifically getting them into your email so that when you handle your email, you are handling the voice notes (now transcribed to text) as well. To set up a reQall account, go to reQall.com/app. (Update: I now use Google Now. Download the Toodledo app o your mobile devices. Use the command “Note to Self.” When asked where to send the note, select the Toodledo app. Indicate this is the desired action all the time. On the iPhone, use Siri with the command “Remember to” or “Remind me to.” In the Toodledo App, turn on Reminders Sync.)

For Vlingo, go to the site where you download apps for your smartphone and search for Vlingo. Recently, Vlingo for Android has been replaced with a program called “Dragon Mobile Assistant.” Currently, Dragon will not allow you to email by voice, functionality that is necessary to get those random thoughts into your system. The app promises this functionality will be there soon. (Update:Again, my advice is to use the what is discussed above instead.)

Each of these 5 tools represents a major player in my productivity arsenal. They help me quickly access the information I need when I need it. Thanks for listening to the School Leadership Briefing segment. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.