This isn’t the blog post I intended to write. Normally, this is the place to be if you want to get organized and make it look easy. But when a new dog enters our household or one departs for Rainbow Bridge, it’s all about that faithful friend.

Sally was 4 years old when we adopted her from the Sheltie Rescue of East Tennessee. A family who had no time for her gave her up. We had just lost our Lucy. Our other dog, Cabrio, needed a playmate. That was 6 years ago.

Larry Jenkins, the owner of the rescue sent us this video. You see Sally, the tan Sable, and her friend Shiloh, the tri-colored Sheltie. They were doing what they do best. When we arrived and met Sally, we got to watch these two friends do what you’re seeing here.

I’m so glad Larry made that video, because we can forever watch our beloved Sally.

Sally was very shy, and so Larry had been taking her to obedience classes to socialize her. We got to go with Sally to her final class, and everyone there was thrilled to see that Sally had found her forever home.

Welcoming Charlie

A year later, we contacted Larry about adopted another Sheltie. He had a 3-year-old male, Charlie. Charlie had tested positive for Heartworms. The owner surrendered him to animal control. Sheltie Rescue of East Tennessee got him, paid for all his treatments, and adopted him out for a fee that was a fraction of what it had cost to treat him.

When we went to meet Charlie, Sally went too. She and Shiloh were reunited, if for only a day. They had not seen each other in a year, yet picked up exactly where they left off. The only thing that was different is the length of her coat.

If you haven’t taken photos or videos of your dog in a while, now would be a good time. You never know when you won’t have another chance.

In the last 17 years, we’ve had to say goodbye to 7 dogs, all Shelties, 6 of them rescues. This one was the hardest. For 6 years, she was the picture of health.

A total shock

Friday morning, she wouldn’t eat her food, didn’t seem herself, and we made an appointment with her vet. An hour later, she seemed fine, but we took her anyway.

Our vet didn’t like something about how she was breathing, did a chest Xray, and found fluid around her heart. He drained the fluid but also talked about seeing something else. It all seemed a blur.

Next would be a referral to the cardiologist and an uncertain future.

Saturday, she seemed tired probably from everything that had happened the day before. She ate well and was in good spirits. On Sunday, she seemed to be back to her old self.

On Memorial Day morning, she was playful. Mid-morning, she went outside and sniffed the air…for one last time. She barked at cars…for one last time.

She went to her favorite spot…for one last time. And there she took her final breath.

Every dog story…

In Let Me Tell You About Jasper, Dana Perino says, “With every dog story, there’s a joyful beginning, a wonderful, charming middle, and a tearful end.” Truer words were never spoken with this dog story.   

Charlie now needs a companion, and that means somewhere a Sheltie who needs a home is about to find a forever home.

If you’re looking for a charitable organization, let me suggest several that helped us along the way. Write a check. It will do more good than you know.

Six years ago, Sally was given up by a family who didn’t have time for her and found a family that had all the time in the world for her, and would give anything for just one more day.

What’s your dog story? Let me know in the comments.