Our dogs are important to us. Anyone who knows me and Davonia well at all knows that. On Friday, we welcomed a new addition to the family.

Sally is a four-year old Shetland Sheepdog. Several months ago, a family surrendered Sally to the Sheltie Rescue of East Tennessee. A very shy girl, she had been attended classes to learn obedience, but mostly socialization. That investment paid off. Everyone at the class talked about the transformation they have seen in her.

Thursday, we traveled five hours to Greenville, Tennessee to meet Sally.We had the opportunity to attend her class, see what she was learning, and even begin working with her. Friday, we brought her home.

This video shows Sally playing with Shiloah, a 7-year-old male, while at the rescue. Sally is the taller sable.


Sally had to be shaved when she came to the rescue, the only way to remedy her overly-matted coat. We look forward to watching a beautiful coat come in over the coming months. She loves any sort of attention. Having her coat brushed is surely something she will welcome.

We saw Sally’s shyness when we visited her on Thursday, but she quickly warmed up to us. She responded beautifully at her class. Now at home, her favorite place to lay is under my desk. In fact, that is where she is right now as I am composing this post.

On-leash, she walks right by my side without ever pulling. Off-leash, she still walks right by my side. Her classes employ clicker training, and so the sound of the clicker is a loud she already relates to having done something well, and that her treat is coming.

We took Cabrio with us on the trip. He had the time of his life. Cabrio had his first ¬†stay in a hotel Thursday night. Taking his bed with us made him more comfortable. He enjoyed playing with the other dogs, both at the rescue, and at Sally’s class. He is teaching Sally how things work at our house, just as Bonnie did for him almost four years ago.

In the next post, you will see pictures of Sally along with thoughts about our experience with these beautiful creatures over the last 24 years, and the truths about life they teach us.