First, make a copy of the html code and save it:

  1. Go to the Blogger homepage, log in, and click on your blog.
  2. Click on the tab that says “Template.”
  3. You are going to copy all of the html code and paste it in a Word document. To do this, click in the large box where the html code appears. Hold down the Ctrl code and hit the letter “A”. This will select all of the html code. Copy the text. Open a new Word document and paste. Save the document and minimize Word on the screen

Why do this? First of all, if you somehow mess up and want to start all over, you could go to this document and copy/paste it over the html code on your blog. Secondly, you can search for a piece of code easily in Word using the “find” command. You can get a good idea of how far down the page that piece of code, see what lines of code are close to it, etc.

Removing the Navigation Bar

  1. Find the line of code that consists of the word “body” surrounded by the < > in the Word document you saved. Use the find command to search for. Be sure to surround the word “body” with the <> signs. See about how far down it falls in the code? See what other lines of code are near it.
  2. Now, minimize Word again, so that you can see your blog again.
  3. If your entire set of code of highlighted, click somewhere in the box to un-highlight it. (You would hate to hit one letter and delete every bit of the code.)
  4. Scroll down until you find in your html code.
  5. Just above the line that says , “body,” you are going to type the word “noembed” Leave off the quotation marks. You will, however, enclose it with < > Just below that “body” line you are going to type “/noembed” Again, leave off the quotation marks but enclose it with < >
  6. Would you like to see the results? Click the “Preview” button at the bottom of the page. The navigation bar should be gone.
  7. Close the window so that you are again looking at your html code.
  8. Click “Save Template Changes.”

Removing the Blogger icon

  1. Basically, what you are going to do is highlight a delete one line of code. Just as before, pull up the Word document you created and use the “Find” command to locate “” It appears one time. You will also see in that line of code the words “Powered by Blogger” and “bloggerbutton.” You will highlight and delete the entire line.
  2. Click “Preview” to see your results. Did it work?
  3. Click “Save Template Changes.”
  4. You will probably now see a message that says, “You must now republish your blog to see changes.” Click on the “Republish” button.

That’s it! I doubt the folks at Blogger would be happy about my doing this and even less happy about telling you about it. I am more concerned about being an accomplice to youngsters seeing stuff they shouldn’t than I am keeping folks happy.