Todoist recently added significant features to its free plan. Augusto Pinaud and I compare & contrast Remember The Milk & Todoist in 4 areas:

  • File upload
  • Task Notes (Remember The Milk) and Comments (Todoist)
  • Smart Lists (Remember The Milk) Filters (Todoist)
  • Forwarding tasks to email

Prior to Todoist’s recent additions, I could not recommend the Todoist free plan. It lacked two of the 7 essential components I look for when choosing a digital list. Interested in what those 7 components are? I discuss them in an interview with Vicki Davis.

Augusto Pinaud is a productivity coach and Todoist user. Our purpose is not to promote one task manager as better than another. Rather, we give viewers a picture of how each tool handles these four areas.

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