A digital task list can make life so much easier. The year 2021 celebrates 20 years of keeping my calendar and tasks digitally. I’m glad I started then. If you’re still trying to keep up with it all via pencil and paper, the second-best time to start is now. These next several posts are about getting started with Remember The Milk. It’s my digital task list of choice and one I have been using since the fall of 2018.

This week, we’ll create an account and show you how to enter tasks. As you watch the video, create the account along with me. While you are at it, download the app onto your phone. You’ll see how easy it is to enter tasks.

Hopefully, you already acquired the habit of writing down tasks as soon as they occur to you, right? Thankfully, that was a habit I acquired as a high school senior. But what you write down has to be transferred somewhere else. That point presents a real drag on your productivity. With a digital list, what goes on the list stays there. No rewriting.

Twenty years ago, I set aside my paper planner in favor of a digital calendar and digital task list. I’ve never looked back. Come on over and get a start today. Over the next several weeks, we’ll take baby steps and get the tasks you have to do into a system that makes it easy.

Enjoy the demonstration on the video and the thoughts I share in the podcast.

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