This week has been a great one as Get Organized Digitally! is rolling out to more and more people:

  • Amazon’s #1 New Release in the Education Organization & Institutions category
  • Amazon’s #1 New Release in the Education Administration category
  • Amazon’s #1 New Release in Computers & Technology Teaching & Reference category
  • Featured in Danny Brassell’s “Lazy Reader’s Book Club.”

Get Organized Digitally! Virtual Book Launch

If you attended last week’s Virtual Book Launch, you heard about a special offer. If you have purchased Get Organized Digitally or if you purchase by January 21, send me some sort of proof of purchase and I will send you a copy of an ebook I am writing now…a guide to Remember The Milk for advanced users. It’s something I will be putting in my Gumroad Store at a later time, but it’s a free offer to those who are buying Get Organized Digitally! during this launch period.

To redeem the offer, send me some sort of proof of purchase. You can take a screenshot of the confirmation page on Amazon, forward me a copy of the confirmation email, or whatever you have that will show me you purchased the book (either physical or digital book). Email me at this address: frank (at) frankbuck (dot) org.

You can order from Amazon or Routledge.

Book Study in Partnership with The Principal Center

What would life look like if you truly had a handle on your digital tools and information?

How much easier could you function in your job and your personal life if those digital tools worked together?
What if you could quit worrying about finding things and have a simple way to put your hands on what you need immediately?

The truth is most people are overwhelmed by the amount of digital information in their lives. They are looking for simplicity. What about you?

I am partnering with The Principal Center to offer a three-session book study:

  • Monday, January 24 2:00-3:30PM Central
  • Monday, January 31 2:00-3:30PM Central
  • Monday, February 7 2:00-3:30PM Central

Here’s the complete agenda:

Monday, January 24 Session 1: Digital Tasks
In the first session, you’ll learn how to take everything you have to do and put it in a digital task list.

  • You’ll stop having to rewrite to-do lists day after day.
  • You’ll harness all your repeating tasks effortlessly.
  • You’ll be able to find any task or project within seconds.
  • You’ll even be adding tasks with your voice.
  • And, you’ll learn how to structure your successful day quickly.

Monday, January 31 Session 2: Digital Notes & Digital Documents
In the second session, you’ll learn how to harness the information that’s important to you.

  • You’ll learn the difference between digital tasks and digital notes and why you need to treat them differently.
  • You’ll learn Evernote and see how even the free version puts you in control of your personal and professional information.
  • You’ll have a strategy for getting Google Drive under control…including the dreaded “shared with me.”

Monday, February 7Session 3: Productivity Treasure Chest
In the third session, you’ll unlock your “digital treasure chest.”

  • Say goodbye to the calendar on the refrigerator and see, in one place, activities for every family member. You can turn calendars on and off at will and do it all from your phone.
  • Say goodbye to “Email Battleship” as you add some automation to your calendar. Scheduling meetings and phone calls just became easier for you and them.
  • Say “hello” to having your digital tools “talk” to each other through the power of such tools as “If This Then That.”  

In these three sessions, you’ll see me demonstrate what you’re reading in the book. You’ll be able to practice as you learn. You’ll have access to me and be able to ask questions about your specific situation.

Do you know someone else who would be interested? Send them to this link:

And by the way, Justin recently had me as a guest on his podcast, Principal Center Radio. Come over and listen to the episode. There’s a great deal of meat. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Click to listen to the episode