Poynt is one of the BlackBerry “Super Apps.” I first wrote about it here. Later, I wrote about it and other Super Apps in this post.

When RIM introduced the PlayBook, Poynt was one of the apps available very early for the device. This video shows how you can add an additional feature by “pairing” Poynt on the tablet with Poynt on the handheld.

I see two great uses for the pairing capabilities. First is the ability to find a find a restaurant, movie, or other establishment on the PlayBook and have it enter the information for it on your Blackberry’s calendar. The second is the ability to find a business on the Playbook through Poynt and have the Blackberry handheld place the call.

If you have either device, Poynt is a must-have app. Download it today for both devices. After that, download Poynt and perform the one-time pairing. Poynt is free for both devices.