The popular service If This Then That is changing its revenue model. Since 2010, we have been able to create unlimited numbers of applets for free. In this post, I talked about the opportunity for us to grab a low price for the service.

UPDATE: IFTTT has lowered the monthly subscription rate. Instead of $9.99/per month, the price is $3.99/month.

Follow along in the video as I show the dozen-or-so “If This Then That” applets that make my life easier. Re-create or modify any of them for your needs.

The IFTTT applets demonstrated:

Date & Time

1:20 Remind me about a date/time specific repeating task

5:25 Reminders for those who have no technology beyond a landline

9:40 Get an email if it’s going to rain tomorrow

Social Media

12:35 Posting annual event posts to Facebook

14:10 Instagram posts automatically post to Twitter with full image

17:55 Any “Liked” tweet appears on the digital task list as a reminder to review later


22:35 Make calendar events show up on task list 45 minutes ahead of the events

27:45 Adding to the task list with voice

31:20 Append information to an Evernote note with a date/time stamp


34:35 Sending text messages to email

31:40 Evernote time log

39:20 Contact form submission generates an email and creates a note in Evernote

If you liked the idea of voice input into Remember The Milk via Google Assistant, here is a downloadable email with instructions for setup. (Pro version of Remember The Milk preferred, but I also show a workaround for those using the free version of RTM).

When we look for ways to save time, automation is a key place to look. Over the years, I’ve found If This Then That to be easy to introduce to people who’ve never heard of it. I hope you’ve found applets you can use to make your life easier.

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